Tradition and Transition in the Ethiopian-Israeli Community + Facilitating Inquiry and Research of Primary Sources

How do you preserve tradition while also adapting to new realities? How do you navigate through both the tensions and opportunities that come with being an immigrant community? How can we understand more about Sigd and bring it to our learners?

These are some of the questions discussed in this session of the Double Date webinar series, which explores:

► the story of the Ethiopian community in Israel

► Sigd as a symbol of the tension between tradition and transition

► how to use NLI resources to facilitate inquiry

In modeling our ‘four-stage analysis protocol’, participants interact with items from the NLI's collections including a rare copy of the Ethiopian Orit, which is housed at the National Library of Israel. This Observe -- Understand -- Connect -- Create protocol is a pedagogic tool that helps facilitate inquiry amongst students and guides their analysis of photographs, manuscripts, documents or other types of primary sources,

See the full webinar in the video above, featuring facilitator Shuvi Hoffman in conversation with guest speaker: Yuvi Tashome-Katz, co-founder of the Friends in Nature Association.

For additional helpful resources, please see below:

Webinar PPT Presentation

Primary Source Analysis Sheet

Operation Babylon: Virtual Escape Room

"Our Man in Addis Ababa" - NLI Blog

Sigd Trivia

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