Novy God

Soviet Jewry: From “Let My People Go” to Generation 1.5

Not only words are texts: inquiry of primary sources such as posters and photos

Posters present us with a strong image and message, and aim to catch our attention and evoke emotion. In this session, we:

► delve into the story of Soviet Jewry through posters and explore the values of solidarity and freedom that are so central to this chapter of our history

► learn about Novy God - what it symbolizes and how it is celebrated

► discuss the complex and gradual process of it being accepted as part of mainstream Israeli culture, a process that includes shedding stereotypes and misconceptions

See the full webinar above and additional helpful resources below:

Webinar PPT Presentation

Digital Game Celebrating Soviet Jewry

Source Sheet: What's Your Exodus Story?

Blog: "The Women’s Campaign for Soviet Jewry"


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