International Women’s Day or Yom HaMishpacha?

Session #4: International Women’s Day or Yom HaMishpacha? Feminism in Israel: Then and Now

Narrative-based study and story-writing as a reflective tool for students

Israel's traditional “Yom Ha’Em” (Mothers Day) was transformed into the annual “Yom Ha'Mishpacha” (Family Day), in recognition of the varied family structures and the changing roles of family members in Israeli society.

In this session of our ‘Double Date’ webinar series, facilitator Shuvi Hoffman hosts Shlomit Naim-Naor, famed Israeli poet and educator, as we:

► take a look at how the Israeli calendar celebrates women and makes a statement about their role in society, including through the story of Henrietta Szold

► look different trends in the context of women's roles in Israeli society and ‘the family’.

► facilitate a blend of creative writing exercises as we reflect on the complexities and challenges around the topic lead by Shlomit Naim-Naor

► explore the role of primary sources as inspiration for learning and writing

► discuss how to implement writing in the classroom and what to be mindful of in the process

See the full webinar above and additional helpful resources below:

Webinar PPT Presentation

Digital Game: I Am Woman"

International Women's Day - Mother's Day - Family Day - Timeline (Padlet)

Henrietta Szold: NLI Resources


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